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Bounce Curl Hair & Body Perfume 10ml


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In keeping with Bounce Curl’s commitment to creating products based on safer ingredients, Bounce Curl’s Hair & Body Perfume has a “sophisticated vanilla pina colada scent” that is created with 100% essential oils and has no synthetic fragrance. *Allergies: Before using any products, apply a little product on your elbow or any sensitive area on your body to makes sure you are not allergic to any of the plant ingredients in our products.  Application is easy! Roll the perfume directly on your body, scalp or roll onto the palms of your hands & lightly finger comb your hair. Bounce Curl’s Hair & Body Perfume is pretty potent & its beautiful aroma lasts a long time. 


Bounce Curl

At Bounce Curl, they are committed to creating products that do not use harsh chemicals. They carefully select ingredients that can style, moisturize and hold your beautiful curls.


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