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Flora & Curl

Flora & Curl

Flora & Curl is on a mission to help you achieve your curl goals naturally. We've crafted plant-powered haircare products that cater to the essential needs of your curls. Our commitment is to simplify your curl routine, making it easy, accessible, effective, and enjoyable. No more complicated routines – we believe in streamlining your curl care.

Our range of curl care products is designed for all curl types, and we take pride in our low-plastic, eco-friendly approach. Embracing sustainability, our products are packaged in planet-friendly, reduced-plastic, and infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles.

Rose Ovensehi, the Founder and CEO of Flora & Curl. She leads the charge in creating curl care recipes that exceed expectations. We believe in going beyond "natural" and draw inspiration from botanicals sourced globally – from Africa to the Caribbean and the Tropics.

Our formulas feature a high proportion of botanically-derived, cold-pressed, and raw ingredients. This ensures that a little goes a long way, delivering potent curl food to nourish your curls. Botanicals, including extracts, waters, powders, oils, and butters, are carefully chosen from flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots, leaves, barks, and berries.

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